IP Telephony Solutions

Sify offers open standards based service oriented architectures powered by known players. Based on the client's business need, Sify recommends the most appropriate architectural approach that is easy to manage from a single administrative view and simplify the communication experience for the end users, relevant to the business imperatives. Sify's core strength areas includes blending and offering a hybrid architecture that functionally enhances the user experience across different management levels in an enterprise. The solutions offering encompasses:

  • IP telephony architectures with Avaya; with Cisco as a base at a single location/geography to multiple locations and geographies
  • Integration Unified Communication and collaboration experience adopting the 'Bring Your Own Device'(BYOD) concept that enables users to have a consistent experience
  • migrating from a legacy communication architecture to Unified Communication and collaboration framework on open standards, thereby allowing enterprises a choice of devices, scale and flexibility
  • consulting services for service providers on hosting value added service offerings
  • consulting services for enterprises on compliance and regulatory issues prevalent in India
  • customized business communication applications for verticals to embed communications effectively in their business processes
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