IP Surveillance

With growing urbanization and increase in business activities within and across borders, security threats at physical locations need to be anticipated and managed. Often, a mere growth in the skills and number of security personnel may be inadequate in assessing different threat perceptions at different geographies, landmark buildings and commercial complexes.

Today, the safety of people's lives, property and momentous activities rely massively on constant surveillance. IP surveillance infrastructure at important commercial buildings, key public infrastructural properties and various public interest areas is necessary to act as a base to ensure safety and stability. The threat of terrorist attacks on infrastructure in recent years has led the world to opt for high-quality and reliable IP CCTV surveillance that can be continuously upgraded to meet the growing threat. IP video provides a unique set of tools for solving today's surveillance applications.

Sify is a competent solution provider of IP based video surveillance systems. Sify can customize IP surveillance solutions using the latest video transmission and compression technologies to optimize the live viewing of camera feeds, control cameras and record/playback cameras onto multiple workstations/video wall propositions.

Sify can also customize console room operations and various notifications like tampering of cameras, tampering of recorded videos/images and unauthorized playback of recorded videos/images. At the same time, Sify can also provide automatic uploading of evidential quality of images and videos to the concerned authorities. We can integrate other elements of electronic security like door access control and perimeter surveillance, creating a balanced ecosystem of comprehensive premises surveillance.

Sify adds value by putting video analytics to practical work like 'object left', 'object removed', 'trip wire', 'parking lot tracking', 'in and out movement tracking' and 'automatic number plate recognition.

Sify undertakes site surveys, designing, implementing, commissioning and maintenance of sites requiring IP surveillance on a cost effective package model. Over the years, Sify has developed expertise in end-to-end IP surveillance deployment and integration with other elements of electronic surveillance. Sify’s team consists of seasoned consultants and practice leaders, experienced project managers, and a skilled workforce, across India.

Analytics algorithms provide users with powerful tools to assist them in the complex task of surveillance and control, a natural, progressive choice for an effective security management system.

  • specific surveillance
  • public address system integration
  • integration with building management system
  • integration with automatic vehicle number plate recognition system
  • counter flow detection
  • hooded camera detection
  • shape-based detection
  • abandoned object detection
  • congestion detection (at any transactional counter like visa disbursal)
  • general detailed surveillance
  • zonal camera distribution with unlimited users license
  • straightforward interface security, helping officials direct the software to look for unusual or suspect activity
  • filtering out the view's normal activity, thereby eliminating the need for intervention for routine activities
  • protecting physical facilities from accidents or sabotage caused by the presence of unauthorized or ill-intentioned persons, as well as installing a physical security system including devices for automated screening at entry points with a sensor-based alarm system
  • establishing personal identity using technology to measure a physical or behavioral trait like a fingerprint
  • concentric perimeters of security with different or increasingly stringent access methods
  • auto communication with remote devices for monitoring, control, and alarm
  • recording in mobile units
  • map support for remote monitoring

IP surveillance solutions allow officials to locally and centrally monitor facilities inside and outside any premises/campus, inside IT Operations centre and along the perimeter of remote offices. The internal and external areas within the campus as well as perimeter locations can be monitored on a portable/fixed personal computer monitor using either existing analog cameras (if applicable) or new IP cameras. These cameras transfer the entire video data over the existing cables in the customer's central control room. The images can then be made available to the concerned officer for supervision over the LAN/WAN of the customer.

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