Today's growing demand for 'anytime, anywhere' network access now includes the use of personal mobile devices such as laptop, tablet, smartphone, e-reader, etc. as access points. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon is changing the way IT organizations and users perceive network access and security.

For IT organizations BYOD means supporting a variety of devices and their operating systems and maintaining an expected level of service. To keep costs low, the process of securely onboarding new devices and quickly identifying and resolving problems must be simple. For users, BYOD means using a laptop or smartphone that best addresses their needs. Organizations must also understand support considerations and the implications of a replaced, lost or stolen device.

The effect of granting enterprise access to personal devices has major direct implications on security, information ownership, device and network control and even helpdesk resources. These security challenges include:

  • understanding who and what is on the network
  • keeping the network malware-free
  • determining the level of information that can be stored on a BYOD endpoint
  • providing proper enforcement of access policies to maintain compliance and audit requirements

Many organizations prefer restricting guests to an isolated network segment, such as using a separate SSID from the corporate SSID and providing internet access only. However, a true BYOD access solution is one which gives the IT team the flexibility to create granular access rules for different types of user groups based on their identity, location, device and privilege. Decision makers strive to build a secure, identity-aware wireless network with high bandwidth standards like 802.11n. Such a secure and high performance network enhances user experience and also improves productivity. Sify helps you build smart wireless networks through proper consulting and business need analysis and/or an indoor/outdoor or mixed wireless environment, adding wireless- specific security and granular identity aware access, provisioning add-ons like guest access solution and building a comprehensive management and monitoring overlay around the solution. With the engagement of our video and voice expertise, Sify can also help you extend your unified communication networks seamlessly over the secure wireless LAN solution.

Sify also offers innovative Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi 3G/LTE offload solutions to large organizations and service providers. To many organizations, this opens up new opportunities for revenue generation through their wireless LAN network.

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